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January 2016

Canada center

On Friday, we headed north. Our first stop was a roadside restaurant that advertised knaffe. I love knaffe. Their knaffe wasn't the best ever, but it wasn't the worst I've had either. And even bad knaffe is good, so I was happy. We continued in the rain to a little airbnb apartment in Misgav Am. The apartment was cute and cozy. It was a great place to cuddle in the warmth while listening to the storm outside. Due to the thunder and lightning, as well as our late lunch at the knaffe place, we didn't really get out for dinner until around 9. Pretty much nothing in Kiryat Shmona is open at that time on a Friday night, but by driving south, we found some restaurant at a gas stop. The food was actually pretty good.- good enough that I was happy to bring leftovers back for first breakfast. Second breakfast, although it was more like lunchtime, was from a restaurant in Metula. If you drive past the Canada Center, it just has a sign that says "cafe restaurant," and I'm not even sure if it has a name. It was pretty fancy on the insidde though. The walls were full of art, and stained glass lamps were scattered all about. Tbe food was pretty typical Israeli breakfast- cheeses, shakshuka, salad. It filled me up, but I wasn't overfull. That was a good state, since Canada Center is an activity center that does require movement. We saved on our all-inclusive passes by preordering online, but that didn't really save us time at the counter, just money. There was so much included, we didn't really know where to start. Bowling seemed as good a place as any, so we did that first. The lanes felt a bit shorter than usual, and the balls were pretty beat up, but otherwise, it was regular bowling, just like anywhere else. Next, we tried out the iceskating. Their skates are more like hockey skates than figure skates, but worked just fine for me. Despite the ice being pretty torn up and full of little snow piles, I had a great time skating. Next, we watched their "7D" movie. It's a 3D movie, but the chairs shake like amusement park rides, and they randomly spray air at you. It was nice to see, but if it's not part of your package, I wouldn't pay extra for it, unless you were bringing kids. After the movie, we played pool for a while. Again, the equipment wasn't top-notch, but we had fun. Finally, we went to the pool and jacuzzi. I was surprised that they let kids in the jacuzzis. When they were being calm, the jacuzzis were very pleasant and relaxing.

From the Canada Center, we headed further north to the Dodo lookout point. We sat in the calm cold and watched the snow-capped mountains in the distance. It was a pleasant end to a nice little break.

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