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Green Valley Festival

This weekend was a long weekend, so I wasn't too worried about sleep- yet. Sunday, I got invited to a beach party with some friends. They go to the beach to find a spot in the woods to lime. Nobody went in/near the water. In the woods, they set up a fire to cook a pot of chicken and rice; a truck running 120 to a full stereo system, amp, mic and all; a table to play dominoes on; and a tarp to nap on. When I got there in the afternoon, nobody was napping. Most people were just chilling or playing dominoes, which I partook in. It was a pretty calm party, but I met some cool people. After, I grabbed a quick nap, and then was off to the real fun. Around 10:30 pm, I headed over to the Cayon area and met up with one of my girl friends. As she introduced me to her friends I felt like I was in a St. Kitts version of Snow White. She was the only other female with a crew of 7 guys, each of whom had dwarf a name like Smiley, Funky, or Dude. We went to the Green Valley Pub, which is where the action was at. The Pub is not at all what I think of when I think of a pub. There is a little room out front, about 10ft by 15 ft that reminds me of a pub, but with seating for 4. The rest of the place is definitely a night club. Ironically, they had a DJ there until about 2am, and not a lot of people were dancing. the few who were, weren't really on the dance floor. Some of what the DJ was playing was "regular music," some was US pop music, and some was some weird stuff. Most of it was good for dancing, so I didn't really understand. At about 2, the band came on. At that point, everybody hit the floor. The band is local- the Grandmasters- and they're pretty good. I danced with my friends literally all night and into the morning. The sun came up and everybody was still dancing. At this point, I was both exhausted and excited. Whit Monday is jouvert day (here, pronounced joo-vay). I had a friend get me into his troupe, meaning I got a t-shirt, got to get all painted up, and got drinks at the troupe's tent. Basically, there is a big tractor that drags around a 2-story "float" that carries the band, just like there was on May Day/Labour Day. The band blasts music all morning as they are dragged around town in a big square. (This band knew about 5 songs and kept playing them over and over.) Everybody comes out into the street and jams. For a block ahead and behind of the band float, the streets are crammed with people dancing. It's a little difficult to move, so the whole procession moves at a pace of around 20 feet per minute. We spent hours going up the hill, over, down the hill, across the ocean side of town, back up the hill and repeat. It was so much fun. Everybody was in a great mood. To the extent that some people were drunk and rowdy, there were cops in the mashup of people to put an end to it right away. Most of the wilder people were in front of the float, which is where I was most of the morning. A lot of families with small kids were towards the back of the float. I got to dance with a lot of ladies from work, a lot of random people, and a bunch of my friends. However, the non-stop dancing since the night before did start to wear on me. At some point a little before noon, my legs were ready to give way. I was dehydrated even though I had gone through a couple bottles of water and had splashed some water from the fountains on myself. I threw in the towel before the wet I was promised. Supposedly, some time after I left, the fire department turns on water and sprays (nicely) the whole crowd. Actually, the reason I have no pictures of my own is that I didn't want to ruin my camera in the water. As soon as I got home, I passed out for a good 2 hours. After the nap and a shower (where I apparently didn't even get all of the paint washed off) I debated going back for the afternoon parade, but knew that if I went, I'd be partying all night again with my friends. I wasn't sure that my sore legs could take it and I didn't think that work on Tuesday would be so easy after 2 nights of partying and no sleep. Plus, the sun had taken a toll on me as well. I regret not going back, at least for a little, but I also probably made the right decision for my health.

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