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Laundry Day

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Today was a normal work day.

At the cafeteria, I got "Ramen and Cheese" for lunch. Listen up college students, if you want real authentic Korean food, have I got the recipe for you! You make a big bowl of spicy ramen soup. Then you put a piece of American cheese on top so that it gets melty. Enjoy. Seriously- they gave me a piece of American cheese wrapped in the plastic and everything. I'll admit that their ramen noodles are about twice as fat as American ramen noodles, and they did throw in about 6 slices of spring onion to add some greenery. But basically, they gave me food that would cost 25 cents in the grocery store in the US. Even with labor, it was still cheap- about $2.

The other excitement is Snow Mochi. They take the chewy rice outside of a normal mochi, but make it really thin. Then they fill it with icecream and fill the ice cream with jam. This is something I need ot learn to make.

We got done with actual work early, but somehow kept having to wait for stuff to the point we got home rather late. Everything is pretty much closed Monday nights, but I had plans to for the only thing open- laundry!

Now I know that my company is happy to pay the Marriott price of $5 to launder a pair of socks that I originally paid $1 for. But, I prefer to do my own laundry. I saw this place, The Laundry Project, online and thought I'd check it out.

I finally got my data working, so I used Moovit to figure out what buses to take since it's not super close to a metro station. But, when I got to the stop, I asked a local which bus stop I needed for the right bus. He got me on the bus in the wrong direction, but at least he got me on the right number bus. A couple of stops later, I got on the correct bus for the least transfers- just 1 bus and a 10 minute walk.

The walk starts out through a very American part of town. I saw a lot of guys in military uniforms, a lot of people that didn't look stereotypically Korean, a lot of burger joints, a lot of pizza places, and a lot of American-style bars.
American Bar

American Bar

Then, the walk suddenly goes uphill at a slope that made yesterday's tunnel look easy. I was getting quite the workout. Next time, I'll put my settings on "get me closest even if I have to transfer 100 times."

But I arrived, and that's where I'm writing this from. It's actually quite a pleasant cafe- free wifi, very clean, Disney classic music redone jazz-style playing in the background, and the cake is delicious. They don't really have real food, only desserts and drinks, so I got the healthiest thing here for dinner- carrot hazelnut cake. It's got vegetable in the name, right?
Laundry place

Laundry place

In any case, the guy working here is super-helpful and I'm really glad I came, even though I wasn't planning on the exercise.

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