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I was more tired than I thought I would be, so I didn't get up to run. Instead, when I did get up, my cousin took me shopping. In my rush to get packed in the dark without access to the weather information, I only packed 1 pair of capris, and everything else was shorts. It occurred to me that Vienna in October might be a bit colder than shorts weather. Also, in an effort to respect the religious, we were asked to wear pants past the knee on base when we weren't wearing our uniforms. My plan was to get another pair of capris and maybe a pair of regular pants, if I could even find a pair. Based on my luck in the states, I was doubtful about that. Additionally, I wanted some crap t-shirts that could get painted on, if needed.

First, we went to the small shops across the street from their home. These shops were each as small or smaller than a hotel room in the US. One was about the size of a public restroom, and I was sure that there was no chance that they had tall sizes in such a small shop. However, the lady at the desk was super-helpful and kept running upstairs to the store room to find pants in the longer sizes. Ultimately, I was able to find 1 pair that was actually long enough! My mom would be so proud of me.

Next, we headed to the mall. I'm still not quite used to all of the bag-checking and metal-detecting on the way in. I got my t-shirts at one store where my cousin knew the girl at the register. The third store we tried, Hoodies, I was also successful at. Woo hoo! TWO pairs of pants in 1 day. I haven't been this lucky since Tall Girl shut down. I would have bought the pants in every color, but they really only had one. However, they were having the most bizarre sale. The pants were 130 shekels, or 3 pairs for 100 shekels (total, not each). I would have bought the 2 extra pairs and just donated them, but apparently scarves, t-shirts, and tank tops could all be counted for the deal, so I got 2 tank tops that basically cost me negative 15 shekels each. While I didn't understand why they wanted to do it that way, I was happy to save the money.

Also in the mall, they had a grocery store where I was successful. We went in to buy food for my time on the base, as well as a few ingredients for dinner, but also found... KREMBO! For those who don't know, Krembo is known as the Israeli winter ice cream. It is basically a thin cookie with a marshmallow fluff-textured merengue on top, all covered in chocolate. Some European countries have their own version, but I've never seen them in the states. Even in Israel, you can only get it during winter time as it melts in the summer, so they can be hard to find. It is still a little early in the year, so I didn't expect to find it, but as they had it, I bought a pack and started in on it before we even got to the car.

After getting home from shopping, I just chilled until it was time to make dinner. I love to cook, and was very excited to be able to make Mexican food for my cousins. Apparently, there is not a lot of Mexican food in Israel (which makes sense as there are probably fewer Mexican immigrants than there are in the states), and one of my cousins loves Mexican food. For my part, I was just glad to be eating something with some spice.

After dinner, we joined my cousin's friends at Shankin Bar in Ranana. It was nice, but there were too many people smoking inside for my taste. Also we had a table right under the speakers, so it was a little difficult to carry a conversation with people more than a foot away from yourself. One of my cousins and I left early to go over to a pool hall, and the other cousin joined shortly after. Pool was fun and we met some nice boys who talked with us for a while. Overall, it was a very nice, relaxing Saturday.

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